Watch: Man Rescues Rabbit From California Wildfires

One brave man has become a hero after rescuing a rabbit from the wildfires in California.

Video first shared by ABC News captured the unidentified man pulling over on Highway 1 in Ventura County as the massive wildfire raged along the side of the road to save the terrified rabbit.

Wearing just shorts and a hoodie, the man runs after the rabbit and wades into the burning brush after panicking and anxiously pacing. He spends several seconds coaxing the frightened animal out and into his arms. The video ends with the man walking away with the animal, presumably to a safer spot.

The video, which quickly began being circulated on social media, was met with praise, some claiming that it would restore your faith in humanity.

Others said the video gave them hope.


Another person called the unidentified man a hero.

The unnamed man declined a request for an on-camera interview with the photographer who captured the video.