Watch: Man Destroys Wife's 3,000-Piece Lockdown Puzzle as She's Placing Final Piece

One woman's three-week-long mission to complete a 3,000-piece jigsaw puzzle amid the coronavirus pandemic was upended right as she went to place the final piece thanks to a prank pulled by her husband. In a video that has since gone viral, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, man Tony Jakes documents the moment his wife, Kelly, goes to fit the final puzzle piece, though she is prevented from doing so by Jakes destroying it

"Right so here we are, the moment of the 2020 lockdown in the Jakes household. Kelly has been doing this puzzle for about three weeks, and this is the final moment she gets to put the final piece in… or does she?" Jakes says in the clip, shared by the Daily Mail, just before pushing the puzzle off the table and to the floor just seconds before his wife has the chance to complete it.

Unsurprisingly, the prankster's antics did not go over well with his wife, who stood shocked for a moment before reacting. As Jakes runs to a different room for safety, Kelly can be heard saying some choice words, stating, "I can't believe you just done that" and that her husband "better pray to God you're fishing rods are going to survive."

The video was initially shared with the caption, "S– has just got real in the jakes household 2999 piece puzzle up the wall. Had to go save my fishing rods. Kelly Jakes please forgive me to much wine. Pray for me people." Since its posting, it has gained hundreds of thousands of views as well as hundreds of comments, many slamming Jakes for destroying his wife's hard work while others have suggested the video was a set up.


"She must've already completed it and taken a piece out and they decided they will do this video," commented one person. "I find it hard to believe your partner will disrespect you that much to behave like a bully/ child."

"This isn't funny. As a man i will tell you this isn't funny. There are jokes and there's stupidity any grown person should now the difference," wrote somebody else, another person adding that it was "Disrespectful and nasty total disregard for his wife’s feelings."