Watch: Irish Weatherman Gets Blown Away During Live Broadcast and We Can't Stop Laughing

A weatherman in Ireland revealed that the forecast for the Emerald Isle was rainy with a chance of some major LOLs.

During his report on TV3 Ireland's morning program, Ireland AM on Friday, weatherman Deric Hartigan was forcibly pushed by a large wind gust that took him off his feet.

The report, which has since gone viral, shows Haritgan delivering his "Weather Outlook" when a gust of wind gets the best of him and his enormous yellow umbrella. He audibly cries out as his umbrella gets yanked by the gust, forcing him to be out of frame for just a moment. Seconds later though, the cameraman kindly pans back to the studio where the two anchors are laughing hysterically.

"He's recovering! He's okay!" anchor, Sinead Desmond says as the studio pans back to the weatherman, seen repairing his floppy umbrella back together while laughing and grinning.


Hartigan took his sense of humor to Twitter account, where he wrote, "Career highlight right there.." with a link to the video.