Weatherman Pulls out Dead Body During Live Broadcast on Australian TV

An Australian weatherman is being dubbed "heroic" after he attempted to rescue a swimmer between live broadcasts on Friday. Nine News Queensland's Luke Bradnam was reporting on dangerous conditions in Narrowneck on the Gold Coast when he pulled a body from the water. Bradnam made the tragic rescue attempt after a nearby beachgoer alerted him to what appeared to be a person struggling in the sea.

Bradnam, who had just finished a weather broadcast before being alerted about the incident, returned to the broadcast just moments after pulling the body to shore. He told his co-hosts, "a boogie border at Narrowneck" alerted him to what he thought he "someone struggling again out in the surf." The broadcaster, who had been involved in another emergency rescue earlier that day, said he "immediately stripped off and raced out with the boogie boarder to help the person in trouble." However, as the two neared the victim, it became clear the swimmer was already dead.

"It became pretty evident that there was a body floating in the water," the Channel Nine reporter said. "The two of us were able to secure the body and start making our way through a rip, back into shore."

According to the outlet, police soon arrived at the scene. At this time, police have not formally identified the body, though the discovery comes amid an ongoing recovery mission for 32-year-old UK national Jake Jacobs and a 29-year-old woman. The two were last seen going for a late-night swim on the same stretch of coastline Thursday night and have not been seen since. A woman's body has also been recovered.

Bradnam, a member of Northcliffe Surf club and a strong swimmer, told the Daily Mail the attempted rescue was "just an incredible moment." He said he and his crew had seen the boogie border "motioning to him from the water" and he felt like he "had to do something because there didn't look like there was anyone else around who'd be much good." He explained, "I got out there and sure enough, there's a body face down in the water."


"The body boarder was looking like he was in shock and I've never experienced anything like that. I've never seen a dead body before," he recalled. "Because I'm a swimmer I knew how to get us of the rip. I just knew to maintain my composure and get us into a position to get back to the shore."

Despite the sad discovery, Bradnam, who carried out the rescue mission after suffering a torn muscle in his shoulder, said he is "just happy we might be able to give closure to a family." He said the experience has given him "even more respect for police and ambos who do this every day."