WATCH: Ice Sheet From Car Roof Takes Flight, Smashes a Windshield

The next time you go out after a snowstorm, make sure to clean off the sheet of ice on your car roof. You might just save someone's life, as dramatic video of an ice sheet smashing into a driver's windshield makes clear.

In video that is going viral once again this season, dashcam footage from December 2015 posted by user Jeffrey Cote shows sheet of ice flying off a driver's roof in front of him. The sheet smashed into Cote's windshield, smashing it and making it impossible for him to see.

Cote was driving a 2003 Saab 9-5 Aero Wagon on I-495S when it happened.

"If I had braked harder, I could have avoided impact, but it initially appeared the piece was going to fall in front of me," Cote wrote.

Despite the video's age, it has reached over 3.7 million views and is resurfacing on social media as a cautionary tale accenting the dark days of winter travel.

Last week, a Massachusetts woman said she was almost killed when a sheet of ice fell from an 18-wheeler truck driving in the opposite direction. It smashed her windshield, but thankfully she and her passenger were not seriously hurt.

"It looked like a 3-foot meteorite to me," Diane Harrison told the Sentinel And Enterprise. "It was headed right for my head, if the glass hadn't stopped it I wouldn't be having this conversation."


In Massachusetts, a driver can face a fine of up to $200 for not clearing snow or ice off their vehicle.

Photo credit: YouTube/ Jeffrey Cote