Watch Health Care Workers Defiantly Face off Against Anti-Lockdown Protesters Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Anti-lockdown protesters are out in full force just one month into the coronavirus pandemic. Demonstrators in states like Colorado, Florida, Michigan and Ohio have flooded the streets to demand an end to the shelter-in-place orders and it looks as if it's not going over well with some health care workers. During these protests, individuals deliberately defied the social distancing rules that have been suggested for Americans around the country until the nation has a better grip on the outbreak, saying they would rather see businesses re-open despite the possibility of mass deaths. As a result, health care workers in Colorado were pictured protesting against the protesters by standing in their way.

Unlike the anti-lockdown protesters, frontline workers stayed silent the whole time while in their scrubs and face coverings. Some protesters were seen getting out of their car to walk up to workers, not respecting the 6-feet rule. According to NBC News, the male health care worker in the photo below was told "go to China if you want communism" by the woman in the truck carrying the sign "land of the free" as she shouted at him. Alexis, who is a Denver nurse, who wanted to keep her last name anonymous, told the outlet that the protests felt like "a slap in the face to medical workers" adding it was "backwards." She said, "I don't want to be stuck in my house either. I don't think many people at all are enjoying this. That's not the point." Click here for more photos.

Cases across the United States are anything but stagnant; instead they're currently on the rise with over 770,000 confirmed cases as of April 20. America alone has seen at least 41,114 deaths with over 70,700 confirmed recoveries, according to data gathered by Johns Hopkins University. According to experts, the virus will continue to come in waves.


Some protesters believe the coronavirus is a hoax, which has added fuel to the fire for the demonstrators. Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones joined in Austin, Texas, where he was seen calling the virus a hoax, demanding that the White House coronavirus task force's Dr. Anthony Fauci be fired. Followers labeled Fauci a "fascist." It's unclear at this time whether those protesting were given permits by their local governments.