Waffle House Customers Scramble for Safety as Man Falls Through the Ceiling and Starts Fighting People

A group of Waffle House customers recently found themselves scrambling for safety after a man fell through the ceiling and inexplicably started fighting people.

According to WAAY 31 ABC, 27-year-old Wesley Glenn Bost was caught on video crashing through the roof of the franchise's Tuscumbia, Alabama location on Sunday morning. He then proceeded to engage multiple patrons aggressively before running out of the restaurant.

Following Bost's escape, the camera operator panned over to how the damage he did when he came through the ceiling, leaving a pile of broken tiles and insulation in his wake.

Reportedly, Bost got into the ceiling after he locked himself in the bathroom, tied his jeans to the door, and then climbing up through the ceiling tiles in the bathroom.

Police chased him down after he fled the scene, but he apparently escaped on foot. Law enforcement are getting warrants for his arrest based on the damage he did.

Once the footage hit social media, many began speculating on the story, with some presuming that Bost was actually living in the Waffle House ceiling. This, as has since been reported, does not appear to be accurate.

Many have simply be joking about the clip, with one person joking that this is clearly real because "there is no need to stage these type of things at Waffle House, they happen naturally."

"Earlier this week I read about a woman who fell through the ceiling of a restaurant in Tennessee. This must be the 2018 version of parkour. But for tweakers," someone else quipped.


"He scattered ceiling tile all over the place, covered the table in insulation, & then started smothering everyone with punches," another person joked, making a reference to how Waffle House takes hash browns orders.

There is currently no indication on whether or not police have apprehended Bost, but considering they have identified him it may only be a matter of time.