TV Reporter Accidentally Broadcasts Her Husband Naked in the Shower

While people are getting use to a new way of life amid the coronavirus pandemic as families have been forced to stay home more than usual and workers are finding new ways to work from home if their job allows, this time has proven to be quite the challenge for some. While that may be evident, a few things have happened since the start of all of this that has given people a good laugh. One TV reporter was broadcasting live from her home inside her bathroom, where she was completely unaware that her husband was in the background of her shot and completely naked.

Melinda Meza who is a reporter for KCRA, was broadcasting a segment about hair-styling and trimming — something most everyone is dealing with at the moment since salons have been closed. But what she didn't realize is that while she was standing in front of a mirror, the reflection of her husband, Mike de Lambert, in the shower was clear as ever in the background live on television. Meza thought her husband was out of the shot, but due to the angle, it appears he was not. Lambert stood quietly in the shower while he waited for his wife to finish up.

"So people won't have to do 'this' much longer," she said in the clip, as she trimmed her hair before signing off. As she tossed it back to the anchors in studio, one replied with, "Oh she is brave!" likely referring to Meza cutting her own hair. This created a hilarious stir on social media after some questioned why she would shoot a segment with her husband in the shower and why he would shower during her shoot time.

"[Oh my God] please let that not be her husband," one person tweeted, while another user said, "Yeah...might wanna do the telecast in the living room or private office. No one wants to see your man showering, boo." One Twitter user replied to that tweet in disagreement replying with, "Speak for yourself. It was a pleasant surprise."


There were more mixed reactions from those who tuned into the show with some assuming she would be embarrassed at work, while others feel her husband should be proud. Some jokingly questioned where the camera operators were, but overall, the reporter received positive feedback while trying to set up her own shots at home in the midst the pandemic.