Truck Crashes Into Gym Just After Class Lets out Early

A group fitness class narrowly avoided tragedy on Saturday in a southern California gym, when a pick-up truck burst through the wall shortly after the classroom emptied.

Security footage shows that a punching bag is still swinging, and a few gym members are still visible near the top of the screen, when the vehicle careens through the wall, across the room, and smashes to a stop.

Police say the driver simply lost control of his truck on West Manchester Avenue and Pershing Drive in Playa Del Rey, California. He had some minor injuries including cuts and bruises. Miraculously, no one in the gym was injured.

A trainer told KCBS-TV that on any other Saturday, the crash would have been a catastrophe.

"Normally we'd have around 15, 16 people at that time," he said. "And because it's the holidays, we had a couple only show up, and we ended class early."


"No warning at all," said Wesley Bixler, the man who is visible near the top of the frame in the security footage. "I was just minding my own business and I just hear this big bang and it sounded like an explosion went off, and I turned and there's the truck just right there, through the wall."

The gym, Real Fitness Playa Del Rey, suffered extensive damages from the incident, but the owners are just glad that everyone involved was able to walk away unharmed.