TRENDING: Photographer Catches Tender Moment Between Mom And Daughter Before Next Child Is Born

There's a photo taking the internet by storm and causing moms everywhere to feel ALL the feels.

Every mom of multiple kids knows that feeling right before having your second (or third, or fourth) child, when you know both of your lives are changing forever. It's saying goodbye to the precious time between just the two of you and welcoming a new life into the mix. And while you're both excited as anything for the new addition to your family, it's a little sad saying goodbye to the shared memories between you two.

Portland-based birth photographer Laura Paulescu snapped a photo of this mom, giving her daughter a hug before she delivers her third child. Paulescu shared the photo on her Facebook page.

mother hugs child before giving birth
(Photo: Crowned Birth Photography)

"Pure sweetness," Paulescu wrote in the caption. "Last hugs before saying goodbye to momma & the last time she would sit on that big round belly with her sister still inside.

“As a mother of two myself, I actually think you understand even more so how quickly life changes with that ‘baby’ when you bring another into your family, after you have two,” Paulescu told Scary Mommy. “So this momma knew even deeper in her heart how much things would be changing and how much she wanted to hold onto that moment just a little longer, because she had experienced this once before. Holding your ‘little’ one so close one last time, before they aren’t the little one anymore.”

“The moment of that last hug goodbye was just so special, and I’m so honored to have frozen that moment in time for them to treasure forever,” she said.


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How did you feel right before having your second (third, fourth, etc.) child? Share your thoughts in the comments below!