See All the Planes in the Air at the Same Time for Thanksgiving Travel

Thanksgiving is said to be the busiest traveling holiday of the year, and right now you can get a live look at all the planes that are in the air right this minute.

See the live flight tracker here.

Flight Aware offers a real-time report of active flights, and there are currently hundreds of planes in the air. In addition to the many planes making successful flights, CNN reports that there are more than 80 flights that have been cancelled, and another 1,912 that have been delayed.

The cold, snowy weather that had been moving in up in the north will likely be an issue for many Thanksgiving travellers.

One Twitter user from Kennebunk, Maine shared a video of snowfall in the area, commenting that it "will make travelling conditions hard for a couple of hours."

The National Weather Service has also been sharing info about the Thanksgiving weather conditions, warning that the Northeast United States will experience a major freeze for Turkey Day.

Parades, Turkey Trots, impromptu backyard sports contests, many Thanksgiving traditions occur outside of the kitchen," the NWS said in a statement shared online. "This year, they'll occur during extreme cold in the Mid-Atlantic and NE. Dress for the chill and have a place to quickly warm up so that all have a great holiday!"

The New England states aren't the only part of the country that should be prepared for adverse cold weather, as the Northwestern states will experience some all well.


"Snow in the mountains of the west and lake effect snow east of Lake Ontario tomorrow could make for some challenging travel for some," the National Weather Service cautioned.

Make sure to check your local weather conditions at before venturing out too far this Thanksgiving holiday.