Here's What the Thanksgiving Forecast Looks Like Right Now

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches many are wondering what the weather forecast has in store, and now we have an idea of what to expect on Turkey day around the nation.

Thanks to the folks at The Weather Network, we know that residents of the Northeast U.S. can likely expect some light-to-moderate rain showers with eventual snowfall likely as well.

They estimate that the snowfall will slow down by the evening and the following day should be sunny, albeit a little chilly as well.

In the Midwest, they predict that there will be some snowfall and rain on Wednesday, but Thanksgiving Day should be mostly clear.

A few showers may push back in on the Upper Midwest on Friday, but nothing that seems too concerning.

Down in the Southern U.S. rain is expected to hit areas like Florida and Georgia on Wednesday and Thanksgiving Day as well, but most other areas appear to be in for clear skies at this time.

Finally, out West a storm track is looking like it will bring showers to Washington and Oregon and possibly even rain and snow as far south as San Francisco before Thanksgiving Day.


It's ultimately poised to break up a little before snow and rain push into parts of Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Colorado by the end of the week.

Photo credit: Ales Beno / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images