Rescuers Emerge as Thailand Cave Mission Accomplished

The final rescuers in the Thailand cave mission have officially emerged, and they marked the momentous occasion by snapping a picture.

In the photo, a group of the rescue team that included Navy SEALS posed fore the camera in sunglasses and facemasks.

The photo was shared by FOX 4 reporter Hanna Battah who announced the rescue was complete.

"BREAKING: Leader of Thailand cave rescue says medic, 3 SEALs who stayed with the boys are now out of the cave," she wrote in a tweet. "They stopped for a photo op on the way out."

Many people who have been following the rescue efforts in the news have taken to social media to comment on it.

"This IS the most incredible miracle!! Prayers are answered!! Awesome show of love and world humanity!! It's ashamed our world full of hate," one person wrote.

"I propose that the Queen of England knight the two divers who found the boys," someone else said. "And that every country who's divers participated in the rescue honor them with their highest honors for their bravery and compassion."


"The Thai cave rescue of the youth football team & their coach proves international collaboration is always a success and should be encouraged," another Twitter user said. "World United."

Now that they are safely out of the cave, the boys and their coach are expected to spend the next week or so under close medical watch, just as a precautionary measure.