Taco Bell Unleashes Massive Triplelupas in Select Locations

Taco Bell isn't just doubling up the yum, but tripling it with the chain running a second round of testing for its massive Triplelupa.

According to Delish, the beloved Mexican-style fast food restaurant is currently in the midst of its second round of testing for the tear-apart three-part Chalupa. Testing reportedly kicked off in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Thursday, meaning that the menu item is one step closer to a nation-wide debut.

The massive meal boasts an 11-inch flatbread, segmented shell that creates three separate Chalupas that are stuffed with ground beef, shredded cheese, and lettuce. One end is topped with nacho cheese sauce and the opposite side is dressed with chipotle sauce. The middle Chalupa is topped with a combination of the two conceptions, creating a cheesy chipotle sauce.

The Triplelupa costs $3.49, a fair deal considering regular Chalupas retail for between $2.49 and $3.39.

The Minnesota test-run follows a similar experiment that took place in 12 Orange County, California locations starting in November and ending in December. At the time, the Triplelupa was available a la carte for $3.49, or as part of a combo meal with a crunchy taco and large drink for $5.49.

The mega-sized meal has won over a wave of customers who have been lucky enough to get their hands on it as part of the test run.

"Hey [Taco Bell] please bring back the Triplelupa. It is delicious and filling and I didn't get the chance to let all my friends try one," one southern California resident tweeted.

Those outside of the testing locations have even taken social media to express their grief, begging the fast food chain to roll out the Triplelupe to more locations throughout the U.S.

"Hey, [Taco Bell] , we gotta talk about those triplelupa things you have going on out in the west," one person wrote in December after learning of the California test run. "My mouth also wants to serve as a test market for the triplelupa. [Direct message] or @ me for details."

While Taco Bell hasn't said if the Triplelupa will ever be available nationally, or if it will be rolled out in further test markets, the fast food restaurant has entered 2019 with a bang.


Along with bringing back the beloved Nacho Fries for a limited-time, the chain added the Naked Chicken Chalupa "for a hot second." While those items have come and gone, Taco Bell also rolled out the Steak Rattlesnake Fries at participating locations.