Social Media Reacts to Brett Kavanaugh's Controversial Supreme Court Confirmation

Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation into the Supreme Court Saturday by a 50-48 Senate vote brought [...]

Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation into the Supreme Court Saturday by a 50-48 Senate vote brought massive response to social media, following weeks of political turmoil over the process.

After the vote Saturday afternoon, Kavanaugh was confirmed to become the next Supreme Court Justice. Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska was the only Republican vote against Kavanaugh's nomination, but chose to withdraw after presenting Montana Senator Steve Gaines' vote as it would not change the count.

Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia was the only Democrat to vote in favor of Kavanaugh's confirmation.

The vote comes after weeks of unrest around the country after Kavanaugh was accused of sexual misconduct by Palo Alto University professor Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. The doctor was heard on the allegations at a hearing last week where she talked in detail about her alleged assault at a high school party in 1982.

Americans from both sides took to Twitter to comment on the confirmation. Some discussed how the confirmation felt as a blow for sexual assault victims speaking out.

"UNBELIEVABLE!!! We live in a country that just regressed 70 years. Women are called liars and old men make our decisions. It is disgusting!" one user wrote.

"Any remaining belief I had that admirable Republicans still exist, is dying, exhaling its last breath," another added.

"Kavanagh is as morally correct as a trash can and will provide nothing more than the ability of a trash can to the SCOTUS!!!"

Not all comments on social media were negative, however, as many users considered the complaints against Kavanaugh a ploy by Democrats to stop President Donald Trump's appointment of the Justice.

"Let me be one of the first to congratulate Justice Brett Michael Kavanaugh! May God be with you and guide you always," one user wrote.

"Never seen so many people advocate for the destruction of someone's life with no evidence. Dislike him or not you can't prove he did anything. Thank God you people have nothing to do with the laws of this land," another user wrote.

"Pay attention to the 50 senators who voted for kavanaugh, the election is weeks away, get ready to strike with your votes," one user wrote.

"Everyone who is appalled by the [Kavanaugh Vote]: vote in the midterm election for the people who will take this man out of power, your voice matters," another user wrote.