Snakes Overrun City as Wet Weather Rises

It's been reported that an incredible number of residents in Bangkok are discovering snakes [...]

It's been reported that an incredible number of residents in Bangkok are discovering snakes crawling out of their toilets, which is due to heavy rainfall the region is experiencing.

A woman named Panarat Chaiyaboon recalled a terrifying situation earlier this year where she sat down to use the restroom and suddenly felt a sharp pain in her thigh.

Like something out of a horror movie, she stood up and looked down to discover an 8-foot-long python slithering out of her toilet. Chaiyaboon went straight to the hospital to get her bite tended to, and luckily she is okay today, although she does still bear scars of the attack.

Not long after she was bitten, her teenage daughter also discovered another snake in the same toilet. She was so frightened by the reptile that she left home to go stay with other relatives.

"There are snakes everywhere!" said Kanok Praditkranok, Ms. Chaiyaboon's husband. "They live beneath people's houses, they live in holes, they live in the wilderness and in the ground. But they shouldn't be able to enter people's houses."

This year alone, the Bangkok Fire and Rescue Department has received almost 32,000 calls for help with snake removal, according to the NY Times. This number definitely escalated when compared to the less-than-30,000 calls from last year and the barely-over-10,000 from 2012.

Recently, the department experienced a day where they had 173 calls for snake invasion and only five calls for fire alarms. "There's no way we could survive if there were more fires than snakes," said the department's deputy director Prayul Krongyos.

A significant cause of the increased snake invasions is the heavy rainfall in the area, which is already sitting on swap-like lands. The over-saturation causes the wildlife to head for dryer ground.

"Stories of snakes invading homes always sound scary, but as long as you don't provoke them, they won't hurt you," Mr. Krongyos said. "There are only a few cases where snakes come into people's houses and hurt them."