Sirius XM Host Hospitalized After Being Hit by Car

Sirius XM host Nicole Ryan is recovering at the hospital and counting herself lucky after she was hit by a car. The Morning MashUp host was riding a scooter when the accident happened.

"We've rewritten this a hundred times but there's no easy way to say it," a statement by The Morning Mash Up read. "Nicole was seriously injured earlier in the week after being hit by a car while on her scooter. She's in the hospital nursing broken bones and a bruised ego, and will need time to heal before she returns to the Morning Mash Up."

"In the meantime, Ryan and Stan will be back live on Monday to hold down the fort until Nicole can come back. Make sure to reach out to Nicole on her social media, we know she'd love to hear from everybody as she recovers," the statement continued.

Ryan's management also posted a message to her fans on her own Instagram account, assuring them that their messages of support were reaching the injured host. "Dear Friends, I know many of you are reaching out by text, phone and DM with your concerns for [Nicole Ryan]. All messages are being relayed to her and while I may not be answering all of you directly, please know...We love you," the message begins. "She loves you and we are uber-focused on getting her back to the Nicole Ryan – 'Hey Girlie Hey' you all love and laugh with in your days. She is going to make a full recovery!

"And let this be another reminder of how precious our lives are and how important it is to take care of the real ones who are their front and center through thick and thin," the statement continued. "Thank you so much."

According to Entertainment Tonight, the 40-year-old host has also been the host of her own digital series titled On-Air Mom. The show has offered an "up-close glimpse into the chronically hectic life she shares with her husband and two young children, revealing all the chaos that comes with being a working mother in the nonstop action of New York City."

Apart from her role on The Morning Mix Up, Ryan also appears as part of the SiriusXM Hits 1 lineup. Here's hoping she has a swift recovery.