Shopper Allegedly Finds Bullet Inside Avocado

A supermarket shopper at Sprouts Farmer's Market allegedly found a bullet in an avocado. A photo of the bizarre sight was posted on Reddit last weekend and will leave you scratching your head.

Alongside the photo, Reddit User NicheOfLess shared this note: "My friend found a bullet in an avocado that she bought from Sprouts."

After the photo surfaced on Reddit, users posted a slew of pun-filled comments. In fact, over 1400 people have commented on the pic in just 8 days since being shared on the Internet.

"A wild shot avocado," one user wrote. "Not one of them farm raised avos."

"So that's where bullets come from," one person wrote. "Always wondered."

The picture also prompted multiple users to share their own experiences finding strange objects in food. One user claimed to know of an eatery where they found a bullet inside of a shipment of coffee beans. Another person said they once worked as a restaurant employee and remembered hearing of a patron finding a nail inside a potato.

While finding a bullet in an avocado would seem like an odd incident for most people, one user who claims to be a laboratory technician says that this was "an incredibly common occurrence." Judging by some of the comments on the Reddit thread, people have found weird objects in their food more quite frequently.

One user offered what sounds like a rational explanation for how the bullet could have possibly ended up in the avocado.

"Country people like to shoot," one user wrote. "You shoot on the same land you grow crops on. This is pretty inevitable."

Sprouts describes itself as a "neighborhood grocery store" that offers" thousands of natural, organic and gluten-free items."


The grocery store chain gave this response to Munchies about the incident:

"Sprouts has not bee contacted by any customer with this claim, so I am unable to provide any details. I can tell you that we are committed to food safety and quality in all areas of our business and would take any claim of this nature very seriously."