Kids Ask Santa About Matt Lauer, Al Franken, Current Events in 'SNL' Opener

Saturday Night Live started off this week's show on a festive note with Kenan Thompson dressed as a mall Santa listening to kids tell him what they want for Christmas.

The first kid walked up asking for a Megablox dinosaur and lazer tag, which Santa happily obliged. But the skit quickly turned topical, as the child then asked what Al Franken and Roy Moore did, referencing the allegations surrounding both men.

Kate McKinnon, playing one of Santa's elves, joked that Franken was on the Naughty List, while Moore was on "more of a registry."

One by one kids came up asking for toys and posing questions about current events, including the coal industry and NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem.

But the segment ended on a positive note, with the last child coming up and asking for "everything to be okay," earning a loud "Awww!" from the audience.


Photo: Twitter/ @nbcsnl