Sarah Michelle Gellar: 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' Star Lives It up Before Super Bowl

Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar attended the Super Bowl in style, documenting her trip on Instagram.

Gellar appeared in one of the year's biggest Super Bowl commercials — an ad for Olay's skin care products. As a part of the promotion, the company sent Gellar and several other influential figures down to Atlanta, Georgia, to attend the game itself. However, that's not all they did.

Gellar posted snapshots from her trip on Instagram showing the travel and accommodations Olay had set up for her and the other members of the "Fearless Squad," which includes Aly Raisman, Kay Adams and several others. She even tagged some of the makers of her many outfits for the occasion.

(Photo: Instagram @sarahmgellar)

It started out with a flight from Los Angeles, where Gellar wrote that she "had the most amazing experience at LAX airport today (yup I actually wrote that)." From there, she showed off her envious balcony view in Atlanta, where she wore an impeccable pinstripe suit, and stood on an outdoor coffee table, writing that she was "on top of the world."

After that Gellar stepped out to see the sights. She visited the Mercedes-Benz Stadium and mingled with other early-comers. There, she explored the exhibits, admiring uniforms on mannequins and other big displays.

(Photo: Instagram @sarahmgellar)

As night fell, Gellar donned a "Los Angeles" T shirt as she stepped out with friends. "Representing," she wrote over her hometown pride shirt. Gellar had a "ladies' night" dinner that included a decadent seafood tower, followed by a game of miniature golf.

"So ready for this weekend!!!" she wrote. "I appreciate a restaurant with mini-golf."

(Photo: Instagram @sarahmgellar)

All of that will culminate in Gellar's first-ever Super Bowl ad. The actress starred in a parody of many horror movie premises. The commercial came out early online last week. It showed her and a man running through their home, trying to hide from a masked intruder apparently intent on murdering them.

However, when they got a moment to themselves, Gellar tried to unlock her phone with face recognition and found that it would not open.

"I've been using Olay," she says with dawning realization. "It has totally transformed my skin."

The attacker appeared suddenly at her side, equally surprised.


"Your skin's glowing," he said in a thick New York accent. "You could be a movie star!"

The ad is both Gellar and Olay's first Super Bowl commercial, attempting to reach the untapped market of female NFL fans.