Father Suggests It's Time to Move After 2-Year-Old Allegedly Sees ‘Spooky’ Ghost

After capturing footage of his 2-year-old daughter saying she saw something “spooky” in the [...]

After capturing footage of his 2-year-old daughter saying she saw something "spooky" in the corner of their family home, an Alabama dad believes it's time for his family to now move.

Ryan Dalton, 37, shot video of his daughter Maya eating peanut butter bread when suddenly she became frightened after spotting something in the family's home. Stopping midway between her enthusiasms for the breakfast meal, the toddler's smile suddenly drops as she tries to move aside in her chair, saying, "Spooky. That's spooky."

While Dalton was unsure what she was talking about and does not pan over to the other side of his kitchen, he assures users on Twitter when he shared the paranormal video that there was nothing there.

"I didn't pan over because there wasn't anything (seeable to me) over there. I hadn't started filming to capture some paranormal stuff, I was just trying to film Maya being silly. I definitely panned my head over there," he wrote a day later.

Since sharing the footage on March 10, Maya's account with the supernatural has garnered more than 5 million views on the network, with more than 30,000 retweets and 100,000 likes.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Dalton said that she had been pointing at the "closed, dark window blinds."

"It was still very early and the sun wasn't up, so the sitting room (that she was pointing at) was very dark," he told Buzzfeed. He adds that his daughter rarely uses the word "spooky," but that her cousins have used them to describe things that scare them.

Twitter users shared their own experiences after viewing the viral video, with many understanding exactly what Maya was experiencing. Many took to the network to urge the family to move out after the toddler clearly witnessed a ghost.

According to psychic medium, Blair Robertson, children can see ghosts. In a blog post shared to the medium's website, Robertson says that children are able to sense "spirits."

"[The reason is] young children don't have the limitations of life and belief systems installed fully," he wrote. "They haven't been 'taught' that 'ghosts don't exist' so that limitation isn't there."

"Although they don't mean to scare or frighten," he adds. "At least, not intentionally. IF you have a child that is frightened, you can calm them by letting him/her know they are friendly and that they have the power to tell them to stop doing what frightens them."

Dalton told Buzzfeed that he definitely believes there is "more than the physical world that we see around us."

"I myself was quite sensitive to the unseen for most of my childhood — not in any kind of overt Sixth Sense kind of way, but I could just often feel things and was sensitive to the supernatural," he said.

Dalton might not have to worry too much though. He took to Twitter to share that his daughter is all right after the incident and added that Maya's name was one most fitting to the situation.

"[By the way], the name Maya means 'illusion' or 'the supernatural power wielded by gods and demons to produce illusions,'" he wrote Sunday afternoon. "Her middle name Kaliyah means 'slayer of the thousand headed dragon.'"