'Tis the Season for Outrageous Private-Jet Requests

The holiday season is upon us and with that comes a time for celebration, families coming together and bizarre traveling requests.

Bob Seidel, CEO of a private-jet company Alerion Aviation, talked with Page Six on Thursday about some of the strangest requests his company has received over the years.

The first story was about a mother concerned that her daughter, who was staying in London, would be alone for the holidays.

"Two years in a row they flew their family cat — mind you, the only passenger was the cat — to London to be with their daughter," Seidel said.

Other requests ranged from having a Christmas tree (with presents underneath) set up on the plane to having the flight attendants sing Christmas carols to having the pilot dress up like Santa. Seidel remembered one passenger even wanting a live show during their flight.

"One passenger requested to have a pseudo-Rockettes show on board, which was very hard to accommodate, but they made it happen," Seidel said.

Considering that these private jet flights can range from $6,800 to one million dollars, most of the passengers had more than enough money to make sure their requests were carried out.


Photo: Twitter / @FlyCorporate