Pool Wave Machine Wreaks Havoc as Malfunction Leaves 44 Injured, Video Shows

Forty-four people were injured after a wave machine at a pool in China malfunctioned and caused a [...]

Forty-four people were injured after a wave machine at a pool in China malfunctioned and caused a 10-foot "tsunami." Video footage shows swimmers being suddenly and unexpectedly hit by the massive wave and pulled underwater.

The chaos occurred at the hugely popular Shuiyun Water Park in northeastern China on Monday. In the video, visitors can be seen standing by the pool, before noticing the huge wave. A panic ensues, with those not in the water sent screaming and running from it as the wave breaks straight through the splash barrier.

Those who weren't as lucky were swimming at the time, with inflatables and bodies swept into the undertow. In the immediate aftermath, a woman could be seen lying motionless and injured on the ground, her legs bleeding.

A spokesperson for the waterpark in the Yulong Bay Scenic Area confirmed that a mechanical issue caused the giant wave, but contradicted early reports of dozens injured. "It was caused by a mechanical fault. Only around 10 people were injured," the spokesperson said, as reported by The Sun. "The wave pool was closed for a day for repairs. It's already been fixed and will be open tomorrow."

Officials maintained that 44 people were injured, with three hospitalized with broken bones and serious injuries.

Authorities are reportedly inspecting the pool. It's unclear if tourists will be refunded for their tickets, which cost 98 RMB ($15).

The Yulong Bay Scenic Area opened in 2015 and includes activities like a glass-bottom bride, a theme park, wave pool and horse riding.

The incident is the latest in waterpark tragedies around the world; last week, two teenage boys died at Splash Kingdom waterparks just days apart in the U.S. Kendall Williams, 13, died on July 25 after being found face-down in a swimming pool at a waterpark in Shreveport, Louisiana, authorities said. Three days later, Emmanuel Ogunfuwa, 19, died at Splash Kingdom in Canton, Texas.

Photo credit: VCG / Contributor / Getty