Police Release Identity of Suspected Maryland Shooter

Police have officially released the identity of the woman suspected to be the Maryland shooter.

According to the Harford County Sheriff's Office, the woman's name is Snochia Moseley and she is 26 years old.

They added that she was identified as being from Baltimore County, which is to the west of Harford county.

Authorities also recently confirmed that the suspect is deceased after allegedly shooting multiple people at a Rite Aid distribution center and then turning the gun on herself. In total, there were reportedly seven people injured and four have died.

Harford sheriffs also reported that Moseley was a temporary employee of the facility and showed up for "her work day as usual around 9 am."

At this time, authorities do not have a known motive, but do know that Moseley began opening fire around the same time she showed up for work with a 9mm Glock that was registered to her.

According to the sheriff's office, a total of seven people were injured and 4 have since died. This number reportedly includes the suspected shooter.

CNN reports that residents in the area of the shooting were very surprised that something so tragic could happen so close.

"I, of course, thought it was far off or, that's like down the road or something, right?" Maryland resident Colleen Hendrickson told CNN affiliate WJZ. "No, it's right outside. It's right on the doorstep."

As first responders and emergency vehicles emerged on the scene, Hendrickson told reporters that the area is usually a more "sleepy" part of town.


"It's really just usually very calm, and this is the most chaotic I've ever seen it," she went to say. "It's very scary when it's just right there on your doorstep because you can see a billion news reports about shooters, about emergency instances, and it still doesn't make it real to you."

At this time, authorities do not appear to have released the identities of the shooting victims.