Odessa Shooting: MSNBC Anchor Cries Interviewing Woman Who Escaped Suspected Gunman

A heartbreaking recollection of events that transpired during the Odessa shooting took place in an interview on MSNBC. The recount was so powerful that it even brought tears to the eyes of the interviewer, Alex Witt. Eyewitness Shauna Saxton shared a powerful retelling of the moment she found herself in a life or death situation with the gunman who took the lives of seven people and wounded 20 others.

Saxton heard six bullets while at an intersection, fully believing that at least three of them were intended for her car. That is when she realized the severity of what was going on.

She recalled looking the gunman in the eye, seeing his "crazed" look and realizing that she had to get out of the area.

He looked crazy," she said. "His mind — he looked crazed. Excited. Not excited in a happy or good way, just amped up, maybe is a better word, and he wasn't right. He wasn't right. His hair was all disheveled. He was looking at the gun and looking at me and then the gun came up.

"He followed us through the cars and off down the road, and he only followed us for about a mile. It wasn't the whole time, but at one point he was pulling up to the side of my car, he was reattaching himself to our vehicle, and when I saw him do that in the mirror, I sped."

She continued: "I floored it hard. I was — I was a danger to society at that moment, when I was driving fast. And we got to a stoplight and there was no way I was going to stop at that stoplight, so I turned immediately to the right and wentin to a neighborhood," she continued. "My next thought that went through my head was just all the people that were there and I couldn't warn them. I couldn't tell them."

Saxton told Witt that she is lucky to be alive but felt "so sad inside" because while she was driving off into the community she was unable to warn those she passed of what was coming. That is when she began to tear up, leading to Witt eventually choking up.


"Okay. Shawna, God bless you and your family. You take care of yourself," Witt said, adding that she thanks her for her efforts and and that we'll all be thinking of her.

The shooter was eventually killed by officers when the chase ended in a movie theater parking lot. The whole situation began when police pulled him over and he opened fire on them before speeding away.