Odessa and Midland Shooting: White Male Suspect Reportedly Killed By Police

The police in Midland, Texas have confirmed that the active shooter involved in the deadly shooting in Odessa and Midland has been killed by police. According to NBC News, police engaged the suspect at the Cinergy entertainment complex. Police indicated that the suspect was a white male in his mid-30s, but did not indicate his identity.

According to CNN, there are still reports that there could be multiple shooters involved in the incident but police are confirming that one suspect has been killed.

Police are reporting that there is no active shooter at this time, while agencies are investigating any other possible reports of suspects.

CNN reports that the incident may have began as a traffic stop that led to a confrontation, resulting in the random shooting on the highway and the resulting incident at the Cinergy location. That is where authorities reportedly subdued the suspect following gunfire.

Initial reports indicated that upwards of 30 people could've been injured or shot in the incident, with the total being lowered to between 10-21 injuries and at least 5 deaths according to the New York Times. Reports also indicated that the shooter was randomly targeting people on the highways, with some photos shared on social media showing gun shots in the sides of vehicles and through windshields.


A press conference after the tweet from the Midland police indicated that 5 people were deceased from the shooting, with 21 injured from the gunfire. The police confirmed that there were reports of a second shooter but there was no confirmation. Reports of a hijacked mail truck and another vehicle involved in the shooting were both related to the deceased shooter according to the press conference.