Woman Sues NutriBullet After Product Allegedly Explodes

A woman is suing popular blender company NutriBullet after she says the product exploded while she [...]

A woman is suing popular blender company NutriBullet after she says the product exploded while she was making hummus, TMZ reports.

Fabiana Nishioka says she was using the company's Pro 900 model when it exploded, sending the ingredients flying onto her body and causing burning on her face, neck and chest. The damage can be seen in photos here.

Nishioka alleges that the burning was so bad that it caused permanent damage to her neck, and she is suing for an undisclosed amount of money.

This is not the first time NutriBullet products have been accused of malfunctioning, as a November 2017 lawsuit saw at least 22 people allege that the device malfunctioned and caused serious injuries.

The customers say a pressure buildup inside the container caused the blender to malfunction, burning some with the blender's contents and injuring others with the blades.

Plaintiff Brendan Cosso told FOX 11 that he had been using the product for years, but one morning in September it burst after about 20 seconds of use.

"This thing just chopped my hand to pieces pretty much," Cosso said. "I was making it, went to grab it, the container exploded off, and my hand went right into the blades."

Sheryl Utal said that her device exploded one day as she was using it and gave her second-degree burns.

"I had my hands on it, like you normally do as you put it in and turn it to lock it in place, and it was on for maybe 15 to 20 seconds and it exploded," she said. "It spins so fast that it heats up the contents, the contents get under pressure, and the device explodes, so that hot liquid exploded onto me and created nasty burns."

In a statement, NutriBullet corporate Attorney Mark Suzumoto called the plaintiffs' reports "perplexing."

"Customer safety and satisfaction are paramount at NutriBullet," the statement read. "Reports of blenders, which have operated normally for years, suddenly turning cool ingredients into scalding hot mixtures after less than 20 seconds of normal operation or components unthreading during use, are perplexing and contrary to the hundreds of millions of uses by satisfied NutriBullet customers worldwide. We will investigate the claims thoroughly and analyze the blenders in question to determine exactly what happened. Whatever the circumstances surrounding these accidents, we wish prompt and complete recoveries to those involved."

Photo Credit: Shutterstock