Social Media Laughs at NFL Referees Using Notecard for First Down

NFL referees have found a new way to make themselves the butt of football fans' jokes. During Sunday night's game between the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders, the refs used a notecard to determine a first down.

The referees put a piece of paper between the ball and the first down marker. Thankfully for the Cowboys, the referees ruled it a first down. However, that doesn't make too much sense because if the paper could fit inbetween the ball and the marker, wouldn't that mean the ball is short? This was a question plenty of Raiders fans were trying to figure out.

Everyone else watching was just dumbfounded. Here's a league that's worth billions of dollars and has the most high-tech cameras in the world filming games... and a head referee is using a piece of paper to figure out if a team got the yards they needed.

How is this a first down?

Of course, like all great things, the index card needed its own Twitter page.


The game ended with the Raiders losing, 20-17, ending their playoff hopes. The Cowboys are now 8-6.

Photo credit: Twitter/ @SNFonNBC