New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Coronavirus Test Results Revealed

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has tested negative for the coronavirus. Cuomo confirmed the news during a Monday morning press briefing regarding the pandemic, according to 13 WHAM journalist Dan Schrack, who was first to report the news.

Cuomo's test results came just a day after he made headlines for taking a coronavirus test live on air. Encouraging his fellow New Yorkers to get tested, the governor was seen standing on stage as a medical professional administered the test, which he said was painless.

"There is nothing about this test that should intimidate people from not taking this test. It is fast, it is easy. It is so fast and so easy that even a governor can take this test," he said, according to CBS 58, before Dr. Elizabeth DuFort, donning protective equipment, administered the test. "That is the whole test. I'm not in pain. I'm not in discomfort. You don't even have to be New York tough to take that test."

"New York has rapidly expanded our testing capacity. We have met our earlier target of 40,000 diagnostic tests daily. As a percentage of our population, NY has tested more than any other state," Cuomo wrote on Twitter. "We now have more testing capacity than New Yorkers are using. We need to use our full testing capacity as we reopen. If you have COVID symptoms or have been in contact with someone with COVID — get a test."

During his Sunday briefing, Cuomo announced that New York had partnered with CVS to bring testing to more than 60 CVS pharmacies across the state, ABC 7 reports. He added that there are 700-plus testing sites in the state. "The new problem is we have more sites and more testing capacity. Now we have more testing capacity and more sites than we're using," he said. "The more tests, the better for the state. The better for society, the better for you."


Cuomo also provided guidelines for those interested in getting tested. Those guidelines state that anyone individual who has COVID-19 symptoms, those who have been in contact with a person known to be positive with COVID-19, and those who would return to workplace in Phase 1, among several other guidelines, can receive a test. The full guidelines, as well as testing sites in New York, can be found by clicking here.