Model Christy Giles' Friend Hilda Marcela Cabrales Dead at 26 After Alleged Drugging Incident

Christy Giles' death raised questions surrounding the events of her night out back in early November. Both Giles and friend Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola were out partying in Los Angeles around Nov. 13 before being dumped mysteriously at two separate hospitals hours apart.

Giles was pronounced dead at the scene, while Cabrales-Arzola was placed in critical condition and held for days before being declared brain dead on Nov. 26, days before her 27th birthday. Her official death date is confirmed for Nov. 24, and her family is coming to terms with the mysterious incident and passing of their loved one.

A GoFundMe set up by the victim's family details her passing and the lingering questions on the night sparked by allegations from Giles' husband, Jan Cilliers." On Sunday, Nov. 28, our dear Marcela was let to rest peacefully after being officially declared braindead. She was a fighter and a giver until her very last breath – as per her family's wishes, parts of her will be donated as precious gifts of life to those in need. Everyone who knew her would know this is what she would want, to help others with everything she can. Marcela's brave and powerful fight for life gave us hope and strength and will continue to do so as we carry her light. As her and Christy's story spread across the world, we were reminded of the importance of love," the GoFundMe's latest update reads. The page also highlights that money will be going to her medical bills, funeral costs to travel back to Mexico and her family's own expenses during her treatment.

Cilliers detailed his theory on the night of his wife's death with KTLA and on a separate GoFundMe for Giles. The page describes "eerily similar stories," and Cilliers claims to know who they had been out with the night of the incident.

"We've all received a number of messages from other females who have eerily similar stories, except the only difference between them & Christy and Hilda, is they survived," the GoFundMe reads. The husband also added that heroin was found in Giles' system but she never took the drug. It was also made clear that he knew the men, but was unsure if justice would be found. He also claimed to have seen video showing a group of masked men dropping off Giles and Cabrales-Arzola at their respective final resting place.


Cabrales-Arzola's father, Luis Cabrales Rivera, spoke out before her final death was confirmed. "My girl was diagnosed brain dead yesterday [Nov. 26]," he told The Sun. "We were already expecting it to be bad news and we're trying to take it with a lot of strength...I asked God to return Hilda to me in 100% good health but if she was going to be left impaired it is better for her to leave and go by His side."