M&M's Debuts Mint Ice Cream Sandwiches Ahead of St. Patrick's Day

M&M's is launching a new flavor of M&M's Cookie Sandwiches this month, just in time for St. Patrick's Day on March 17. The brand's parent company, Mars Wrigley, announced plans to release sandwiches with mint flavor ice cream between two chocolate cookies with Milk Chocolate M&M's Minis. For those who are less mint-inclined, Mars Wrigley is also releasing M&M'S Classic Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches, which features vanilla ice cream between the two cookies.

The two flavors are expected to hit stores this Spring. The mint flavor will be packaged in a green box with the green M&M's character. The vanilla flavor comes in a purple box with the blue M&M's character. The cookie sandwiches will be in new packs of four and will be sold alongside other M&M's ice cream products, including M&M'S Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches, M&M'S Ice Cream Cones, and M&M'S Ice Cream Fun Cups.

m&m's mint ice cream sandwich
(Photo: Mars Wrigley)

"We're excited to expand the joy of M&M'S colorworks to the Mars Wrigley ice cream line, starting with a minty green treat for St. Patrick's Day," Jayesh Shah, Mars Ice Cream Marketing Director, said in a statement. "These new flavors add even more options alongside our fan-favorite M&M'S Vanilla and Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches – offering a fun and enjoyable treat for any occasion."

Of course, Mars Wrigley is not the only company getting in the St. Patrick's Day spirit for 2021. Last week, Cold Stone Creamery announced the new Lucky Charms at the End of the Rainbow Creation. This features the company's recently introduced Lucy Charms Ice Cream and includes double the Lucky Charms marshmallows, Whipped Topping and Gold Glitter. This will be sold alongside green waffle cones to complete the St. Patrick's Day look. Lucky Charms Ice Cream will also be included in the Sprinkled With Charms Shake.


"Cold Stone Creamery is delighted to partner with General Mills this month to bring the magic beyond the cereal bowl and introduce this limited-time flavor," Sara Schmillen, vice president of marketing at Cold Stone's parent company Kahala Brands, said. "Guests of all ages will enjoy the nostalgia of this combination, and it's sure to bring some luck your way!" The Lucky Charms Ice Cream Creation and Shake will only be available at Cold Stone Creamery stores nationwide until March 31.

Dunkin' will also release a special St. Patrick's Day donut that is more than just a donut with green frosting. This one will use the new Matcha Topped Donut as its base, notes Elite Daily. It will feature a Glazed Donut with a dusting of green matcha powder. It will be available in stores on St. Patrick's Day for $1.19.