Fake McLovin Runs Into Real McLovin And It's Everything

The prospect of meeting your favorite celebrity always feels like it would be a thrill, but this guy pretending to be McLovin who met the real McLovin might tell you differently.

In a video shared to YouTube last week, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who played Fogell A.K.A. McLovin in the 2007 comedy Superbad, can be seen walking through the crowd at as music festival, dressed in a tank top and shorts, and donning a headband and sunglasses.

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He also has a full beard, pretty much, so he was obviously trying not to stick out.

As he makes his way around the people in the grass we eventually see what he's walking towards. A guy standing in the crowd holding a giant blown-up poster of the McLovin ID from Superbad.

Chris walks right up next to him and starts dancing.

Fake McLovin looks over at him... and doesn't even recognize him.

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The cameraman walks around so that we can see the two from a front angle, and it just gets better.

Chris and the guy exchange words, and still nothing. The music is pretty loud in the background, so it's hard to make out what they say to one other, but the guy almost seems like Chris is bothering him at first.

Finally, just as it looks like Chris is going to walk away, he makes a motion to the sign, and the guy looks at it, then back at Chris, and you can almost pinpoint the moment it all clicked.


Fake McLovin jumps back and smiles real big in surprise. Then he grabs Chris and pulls him in for a big hug.

The whole thing starts off kind of awkward but ends up being absolutely hilarious at the end. Kind of like McLovin...