McDonald's Adding Melted Cheddar Cheese Bowl to Menu

McDonald's is making cheese lovers' dreams come true! The fast-food chain has added a warm bowl of melted cheddar cheese, making for the perfect dipping sauce for French fries, burgers, McNuggets, and more. However, sinking your teeth into the cheesy deliciousness will cost not only the price of the item but also a plane ticket to South America. Currently, the melted cheddar cheese bowl is available in Brazil and not the United States.

The new menu item was first confirmed to be headed to Brazilian menus in December 2020. At the time, McDonald's Brazil gave fans their first glimpse at the oozing bowl of melted cheese in an Instagram post, posing the question, "What if we made a pool of cheddar…?" And they did just that. The bowl of melted cheddar cheese hit menus later that month, Best Products reporting that customers headed to the Golden Arches can get 3.5 ounces of the cheesy goodness.

Mashed suggested the bowl of melted cheese is a possible spinoff from another popular menu item at McDonald's Brazil: the Cheddar McMelt. That mouthwatering dish features a beef patty that is topped with melted cheddar cheese, onions, and shoyu sauce. Those items are served between a dark sesame bun.

Regardless of how the creation came about, it was immediately a hit among fans, with one Instagram account, which shared photos of them dipping their burger in the cheese, describing the item as super creamy and yummy. That person applauded McDonald's for bringing concocting the perfect dipping sauce. Dozens of more people have taken to social media platforms to share photos of them dipping their go-to menu items into the bowl of melted cheddar cheese.


While it is unclear how long the bowl of melted cheddar cheese will be on McDonald's Brazil menus, or if there is any chance of it one day making its way to the U.S., the fast-food chain has given fans in the States plenty to be excited about. In May, McDonald's officially brought back Frozen Coca-Cola and Frozen Fanta (in both Blue Raspberry and Wild Cherry flavors) nationwide. Prior to that, the restaurant returned the fan-favorite Hi-C Orange Lavaburst, which had remained a staple for many until 2017, when the fast-food chain upset fans with its abrupt removal.