Corey Feldman Takes Shot at Matt Lauer for 'Hostile' Interview About Sexual Abuse

Actor Corey Feldman is among the unfortunate few who wasn't surprised by the allegations against Matt Lauer this week. Feldman has been on an outspoken crusade against sexual predation and molestation in Hollywood, claiming that he has the details of several instances of pedophilia that took place when he was a child star. On Oct. 30th, Feldman brought his story to the Today show, where he was interviewed by none other than Lauer himself.

In the wake of all the accusations against Lauer for sexual harassment — and even assault — Feldman pointed out his recent interview with Lauer, which now takes on a different context. Feldman tweeted a link to the story on Lauer, saying, in part, "This might explain the hostile interview..."

After Feldman reminded fans and supporters of the video, it wasn't hard to find it floating around online. The video has resurfaced on social media, and many people do see it as damning evidence that Lauer was fundamentally on the side of the attackers.

NBC News has been working to remove Lauer from their websites, but so far, this clip, along with many that show Lauer's least savory on-air moments, have remained on their official accounts and pages.


Lauer was terminated from his position as co-host of the Today show on November 29th after a report of sexual misconduct at work. Since then, many other cases against him have come to light.