Man Arrested After Smelly Socks Unleash Chaos on Public City Bus

Police in Himachal Pradesh, India arrested a man on Saturday after the smell of his socks caused a confrontation on a public bus, and the driver pulled the vehicle up outside the police station.

Reports say the bus was headed from Himachal Pradesh to New Delhi, when the man removed his shoes and socks and placed them in the aisle. His fellow passengers reacted in unanimous protest, telling him to at least put the socks away, or better yet throw them out. The man refused, reportedly arguing that his socks did not smell.

Tempers flared and the bus had to stop several times before the driver could finally reach the police station in the Una district of Himachal Pradesh.

The man was arrested on charges of causing a public nuisance, but later released on bail.

Police Chief Sanjeev Gandhi later told reporters from AFP that the man had threatened other passengers on the bus to defend his odiferous socks. He also caused a scene at the police station.


After the man made bail, he filed his own complaint. He accused the transportation company, as well as his fellow passengers of harassment. The next day he left town on a different bus. Police told reporters that he insisted his socks did not smell up until the moment he left.

Photo credit: Twitter / @BBCWorld