Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade's Low Flying Balloons Has Social Media Cracking Jokes

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade normally features high-flying balloons making their way through the streets of New York City, but this year the balloons were flying low, and it had social media cracking a ton of jokes. According to NBC News, the famous balloons had to be flown lower this year due to the National Weather Service forecasting that "sustained winds of up to 24 mph and gusts up to 43 mph" were likely to roll through the city during the parade. Viewers definitely took notice of change and have had lots to say about it.

"#MacysDayParade drinking game: drink every time they say 'wind,' 'thankful,' or mention how low a balloon is flying," one person exclaimed, joking that a drinking gam could be made from how often people commented on the balloons

"'Look how low that balloon's flying' Take a drink!" someone else quipped, while another user replied sarcastically, "In real life this object is small, but on the float it's really big!"

While they may have flown closer to the ground, the balloons were not immune to the effects of the wind. At one point, video was captured of the strong winds blowing around the nutcracker balloon.


The floating character began to fly lower to the ground and as one of the marchers attempted to run in and help wrangle the balloon, they were knocked to the ground.

"All that breeze was coming from between those buildings just like when you are walking down the street on a windy day and get to the corner and you feel like you are being blown away. It was funny though I think she thought she was Captain Marvel or something, [shake my head]," one person said, commenting on the clip.