Mom Shot by Former Disney Child Star Feared Ex's Mother Would Kill Her

The mother of two who was shot dead at work last week inside a Los Angeles mall by her ex-husband reportedly feared she would be killed as a result of a custody dispute — but by her ex-husband's mother, not her ex.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Parisa Siddiqi filed a restraining order on March 1 against "Sheila G.," who she described as her "ex-mother-in-law." She claimed in the documents that she was having custody issues with her ex-husband, Kevin Crane, and his mother (her kid's grandmother.)

As previously reported, police say that Crane, a former Disney child star and current celebrity realtor, shot and killed Siddiqi at her workplace at The Oaks mall in Thousand Oaks before turning the gun on himself. He survived the shooting and was hospitalized.

Siddiqi, 30, and Crane, 33, were divorced and had two sons, ages 2 and 4.

(Photo: Parisa Siddiqi / Facebook)

According to court documents, Siddiqi went to court just weeks before her death to try and get a restraining order for her and her kids.

"She [Sheila] told her son [Crane] if I kept my kids away from her that, that would be the end of me, and she will makes sure she gets custody of them, after 'the end' of me."

Saddiqi added Sheila "called my job and my manager" telling them, "You don't know who she really is...she does a lot of bad things."

Siddiqi also claimed the grandmother went to her kids' school to "get copies of documents," which the school denied.

She continued in her filing, "My kids also need to be in this order, because she harassed me, the next day she went to their school without my knowledge. I feel that because she is not in her right mind towards me that my kids will also be in danger with her contact."

The document ominously ended: "I feel unsafe at my house and job every day, because I feel that she will come and cause harm to my family."

Police have not mentioned Crane's mother in the ongoing investigation into the murder-suicide attempt.

The news outlet spoke with Sheila, who called the allegation that she threatened Siddiqi "lies." She reportedly said Crane told her Siddiqi planned on dropping the restraining order the day after it was filed. She is reportedly cooperating with investigators and has spoken with detectives.

Crane is a realtor in Beverly Hills; The Blast reports he specializes in dealing with hip-hop clients. He reportedly represented Big Sean when the rapper bought Slash's old mansion and has also worked with Lil Twist.

Crane has claimed to have worked as a child actor for Disney, as well as in the film The Little Giants.

The Ventura County police chief Tim Hagel told local newspaper Thousand Oaks Acorn that the shooting was "a focused attack" on the woman who worked at Paper Source in the outdoor section of the shopping center, but witnesses at the mall describe a vast, chaotic and frightening scene when gunshots rang out.


"All of a sudden we heard people screaming," 19-year-old college student Autumn Montano told the Acorn. "We saw everyone running toward the food court so I just freaked out."

"My whole body was shaking and my heart was racing," she said. "I was really very terrified for sure."