Lingerie Model Bites Woman's Ear off in Road Rage Incident

Chloe Hammond, a British glamour model, faces a "long custodial" jail sentence for biting a woman's ear off during a March road rage incident in London. She allegedly bit off Julie Holloway's ear "like a dog with a chew toy."

The 27-year-old Hammond, who models online under the name Chloe Rebelle, got out of her car to tap on Holloway's car and yell at her for using her phone while driving in heavy traffic, reports the Daily Mail. Hammond kicked the 56-year-old Holloway in the stomach and bit Holloway's ear, all while two of the victim's friends watched in horror.

The incident was captured on CCTV and cell phones, with the video played during the trial. In one clip, a male witness is heard yelling, "She's biting her f**king ear off," reports Metro.

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Holloway testified that she didn't realize she was missing part of her ear "until someone picked it up off the floor."

For her part, Hammond testified that she acted in self-defense. "I do not accept [the accusation of] lying because I was telling the full honest truth. I accept what happened, but I do not accept I intended to do this to Julie," Hammond said.

It only took 90 minutes for the jury to convict Hammond for causing grievous bodily harm with intent. Hammond did admit to a lesser charge of unlawful wounding before the trial, but the plea wasn't accepted.

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"If this is category one, the starting point is 12 years' imprisonment; if it is category two, the starting point is six years," Judge Philip Bartle, QC said, reports the Sun. "I can think of no conceivable outcome that will not result in an immediate, long custodial sentence."

Hammond is still in custody and will be sentenced on November 23.