KFC Debuts New Waffle-Stuffed Double Down

KFC just stepped their game once again.The fast food chicken restaurant is bringing out its latest [...]

KFC just stepped their game once again.

The fast food chicken restaurant is bringing out its latest creation, the Waffle Double Down, to stores on Monday. Like all double downs, the sandwich features two fried chicken fillets instead of bread, but to really up the ante on this one, KFC Canada is adding a Belgian waffle smothered in Canadian maple aioli sauce.

Canadian outlet The Loop got their hands on the creation prior to its release over the weekend and took to Twitter to share images of the meal.

Unfortunately, the sandwich will only be available in Canada, as it was originally developed in Toronto for a limited time.

The sandwich earned mixed reviews on social media. Some couldn't believe such a thing existed, while others were mortified that it wasn't coming to the United States.

"What kind of sorcery is this. Canada always gets the nicest things. THE NICEST!" one user wrote.

"Pay me enough and I'll meet you at the border with one. I'll even throw in a bag of ketchup chips," another tweeted.

"So [KFC Canada] brought us the new waffle double down they have coming out next week, and now I don't need to eat for 12 years," a user chimed in.

"If this doesn't immediately get memed to death for political satire, I for one will be disappointed in all of us. The Waffle Double Down? It's PERFECT," another tweeted.