'Jeopardy' Champion Stephanie Jass Slapped With Felony Charges

Former Jeopardy champion Stephanie Jass is facing felony charges, after she allegedly accessed several e-mail accounts at Adrian College without permission. Jass, who once worked for the college a history professor, is charged with unauthorized access to a computer, computer program or network, as well as using a computer to commit a crime.

"Using the services of a computer, computer program or network without authorization or exceeding unauthorized access with the State of Michigan is a violation of state law," said Michigan State Police in a statement on the arrest. Jass was charged as the result of an investigation by the department's Cyber Control Center. They got the tip from staff members at Adrian College, who suspected Jass was accessing accounts she shouldn't be.

The college released a statement following the arrest as well. "Adrian College wants to sincerely thank the Michigan State Police and the Lenawee County Prosecutor's Office for their thorough investigation and for ultimately bringing charges in this crime," the college told TheWrap. "Privacy rights are a fundamental principle of our American democracy and Adrian
College stands with those who protect these rights."


Jass has appeared at least ten times on Jeopardy. She had a win streak of seven games in a row back in 2012. She competed in the Tournament of Champions and Battle of the Decades Tournament. Jass has reportedly won about $166,000 from the show overall.