Jeffrey Epstein Wore $525 Black Velvet Slippers Saying 'Screw U' on Them

Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced money mogul and sex offender, was apparently not a fan of subtlety between his 2015 release from custody in August 2010 and his July 2019 arrest for sex trafficking. After Epstein served his sentence for procuring an underage girl for prostitution, he made his way back into social circles. A new report from Fox Business reveals the details of one social event Epstein attended after his release, including a peculiar style choice.

At a "small lunch party" at a mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, Epstein turned heads by wearing a pair of velvet slippers that featured the image of a screw on one show and the letter "U" on the other. The "screw you" message was clear to partygoers, and he came off not sweating the baggage of being a known sex offender.

"We all got the message," said Fox Business' source, who was at the event. "Jeffrey couldn't care less about what we thought about him or who he was with."

After one conversation with Epstein ended and he walked away, attendees began chatting about his shoe choice.

"How about those shoes," an attendee said to the party's host.

The unnamed is said to have just shook his head and say, "That's Jeffrey."

The shoes in question are available at Stubbs and Wooten, a retailer in Palm Beach. They are listed for $525 and features black Spanish cotton-velvet and clack grosgrain trim, in addition to the outlandish embroidery. The retailer also note that the shoes are hand-crafted in Spain, are lined with leather feature a stacked wooden heel.

The report's author, Charlie Gasparino, goes on to say that his investigation into Epstein's life revealed that the "screw you" mantra carried over into all aspects of his life.

"But what we don't really know is what inside Epstein's brain made him think he could get away with his crimes and then, by some accounts, flaunting this lifestyle after he left prison in 2009," Gasparino wrote. "I've been asking that question a lot lately to people who knew Epstein over the years, did business with him and considered him a friend. Their answers almost uniformly come down to the message on his slippers: Epstein's entire life and business career were a big 'screw you' to doubters, detractors and just about anyone else."

Epstein died on Aug. 10 while in custody on sex trafficking charges. His death has been ruled a suicide, but many have speculated on other circumstances could have led to his death.


Photo Credit: Getty Images