Isaias Becomes a Hurricane Again as It Nears Carolinas

Hurricane Isaias is set to make landfall in the United States with North Carolina slated to be on the receiving end of the storm. As it approaches, the storm was elevated from its previous tropical storm classification.

Tracking into the Carolinas late on Monday and in the early hours of Tuesday, Isaias will bring life-threatening flooding and winds. The hurricane warning was first issued for the top part of South Carolina with areas like Charleston and Myrtle Beach at risk. Wilmington, North Carolina is also in jeopardy of being struck with the storm when it hits land as a Category 1 hurricane. As of this writing, the storm contained winds upwards of 75 mph and was approximately 50 to 60 miles southeast of Myrtle Beach according to the National Hurricane Center. Meanwhile, Charleston Harbor reported its tide reached seven feet which is the threshold for flooding.

Ahead of the storm, North Carolina is bracing for impact by issuing a state of emergency. Gov. Roy Cooper urged his residents to "follow any local evacuation orders" as the storm moves in. He also voiced concerns about the storm coming in at a time when the coronavirus pandemic continues to run rampant in the area and the country as a whole. He noted that this combination is "double trouble" but has prepared the state's sheltered with proper PPE equipment and enforcing social distancing guidelines, "We all hope for the best but prepare for the worst with Hurricane Isaias." Once it makes landfall in the Carolinas, the storm is expected to slowly ascended up the east coast and going as far as New York and the New England area.


Prior to moving into the Carolinas, Isaias left Florida soaked and even some flooding along the coast but did not strike the Sunshine State as hard as some expected. This came as good news for the state as it already had its hands filled with a surge in COVID-19 cases. Florida had found itself registering more than 10,000 new positive cases at a daily clip before somewhat settling down over the past couple of days with the number coming in at 4,752 on Monday though the number is said to be skewed a bit due to low testing amid the threat of Isaias.