Instagram Down: Users Flip After App Stops Working

Wednesday's Facebook outage hasn't been the only social media outlet giving users fits. Instagram and WhatsApp have also felt the effects of Facebook's downtime and users are having trouble handling the mess.

While not completely shut off like Facebook, Instagram has been spotty enough all day that users flocked to Twitter in order to get their fix and make their voices heard.

Facebook itself has been down since around 12 p.m. ET and the company has reportedly not indicated when the service will return according to WJLA. They did release a statement online stating that they're "focused on resolving the issue as soon as possible" while confirming it was not the result of a DDoS attack. And a peek at the developer page for the site indicates that many services have been restored to this point, with the outage now being reported as a "partial outage."

Until things are solved, people have been flexing their creative muscles and blowing off steam in some creative ways.

One user pulled from their cat folder and dropped a kitten exploring Facebook and adding, "Live footage of Instagram users repeatedly refreshing Instagram to see if its back or not."

Another said, "Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp down," and adding an image of cavemen trying to start a fire to represent how they've been affected.

Cats also came into play with another user's take on the situation, using a group of running cats as "live footage of Instagram users running to Twitter to check they aren't the only ones struggling to log in."

This clip from The Office with Michael Scott shouting about killing himself acts as the perfect descriptor for this user who feels the same after "two hours of Instagram AND Facebook still not working."

User Nathan found the perfect gif to capture exactly how the day has played out for Facebook, noting that it was currently down with Instagram and WhatsApp following.

One person indicated that not everything was swell on Twitter either. "Instagram and Facebook are down and Twitter is removing likes and retweets," the user said, "I'm done with this s— catch me on Linkedin."


And even Soulja Boy chimed in, letting everybody know that "atleast the Soulja App isn't down" followed by a shrugging emoji.

If anything, it is safe to say that people are panicking and desperate to know when the service will return. Moments like this are just reminders about how much the service is engrained in our daily lives.