These Ingrown Hair Videos Are for Anyone Who Loves Popping Pimples

If you love Dr. Pimple Popper's videos, an entire Instagram page devoted to videos of ingrown hair removal is right up your alley.

The page is @tweezist, which has over 37,000 followers. Each post on the page shows someone using a tweezer to pull out an ingrown hair. There's no sound, so you can't tell how painful the process is. But you probably don't want to stare at them right after eating lunch.

As Allure points out, the page has about 150 videos on it.

Dermatologists told Women's Health that if you do have an ingrown hair, you don't want to delay pulling it out. If you notice that the area where there hair is growing is becoming larger or starting to create pus, you should see a dermatologist.

Tweezist's videos are hardly the only ingrown hair videos circulating on the web. For example, in September 2012, a YouTuber named Joe Gross uploaded a one-minute video of himself pulling out the "Longest Grossest Ingrown Hair in History." The video has over 36.5 million views, proving that there's nothing too gross for the web.


As the Mayo Clinic explains, an ingrown hair happens when shaved hair grows back into the skin instead of from it. This is a common condition, but can particularly impact those with tightly curled hair. For both men and women, it commonly happens at areas where you shave.