The Weather Channel Gives Startling Video Visual of How Deadly Hurricane Florence Storm Surge Could Be

The Weather Channel has released a startling video visual showing just how deadly Hurricane Florence's storm surge could be.

The CGI-generated graphic reveals just what residents in the North and South Carolina states could be dealing with if the storm surges cause flood waters to rise up to around nine feet high.

They warn that things like "chemicals and exposed power lines" become a grave concern at this point for anyone caught in the rising waters.

The outlet also noted that as of around 11 a.m. ET the winds from Hurricane Florence wear reaching speeds of around 80 miles per hour and that heavy rain was ongoing.

Weather Channel meteorologist Stephanie Abrams has been reporting on the storm from Wilmington, North Carolina, and she revealed that the city narrowly missed the eye of the storm, but still saw wind speeds reach 105 miles per hour.

As the storm rages on, CNN reports that the number of Carolinians without power has exceeded 600,000.

Those numbers break down to nearly 560,000 people in North Carolina without power, and just under 65,000 people in South Carolina without power.


The news outlet has also reported that Hurricane Florence is so strong that it's been speculated that North Carolina alone could be hit with a total of 10 trillion gallons of rain by the time all is said and done.

At this time, Hurricane Florence has been downgraded to a category one storm, but its potential for destruction remains high.