Here's How You Can Turn Your Christmas Tree Into a New Year Tree

Christmas may be over, but that doesn't mean we have to throw out our trees just yet. In recent years, trees haven't just been reserved for December and Christmas festivities. In fact, they have been utilized for Halloween, Easter and Fourth of July.

While there is a rich history behind the longstanding tradition of using trees to celebrate special occasions, there are fun, unique ways to recycle your Christmas tree to ring in the new year.

According to Wired, just like we in North America celebrate with a fresh tree in our homes, it's being reported in Russia that several communities ring in the new year with "New Year Trees." While the custom of the Christmas tree alone originated in Germany during the 1500s, the idea actually made its way to Russia via Peter the Great in the 1600s, becoming increasingly popular in the 1800s.

With the tradition introduced to North America in the winter of 1781 by German Hessian soldiers stationed in Quebec, the allure of the tree delighted guests and became a viral trend. By the early 19th century, the Christmas tree became very common, with many households capturing its charm.

With the origins of the tree really hold no significance to theology, there are many who are transforming their tree for the New Year. Once Christmas is over, you can easily transform your tree for New Year's Eve with the addition of some glitzy and glam accessories that just induce the season.

Here are some festive ideas to get you started.

Antique Clock Tree (left), Tinsel Tree (right)


Embodying the magic of New Year's Eve, the Antique Clock Tree plays to old customs, whereas the Tinsel Tree is a romantic and fun take on the season with party hats, festive trinkets, noise makers and champagne flutes.


Party Hat Tree (left), Balloon Tree (right)


The Party Hat Tree is all about old timey centerpieces, like the party hat, shimmering metallic hues, while the glitzy Balloon Tree is all about the countdown, looking at times ahead with balloons stamped with the new year.