GoFundMe Shuts Down Charles Manson Funeral Drive

The fundraising campaign to pay for notorious murderer Charles Manson's funeral expenses has been shut down by GoFundMe.

The campaign, which was run by John Michael Jones, raised $972 dollars before it was shut down by the site. Jones, who signed an online petitions protesting what he thought we human rights violations against Manson, said the money raised by the campaign would go to Manson's grandson, Jason Freeman, to help with the funeral expenses of his grandfather.

A representative with GoFundMe told TMZ that the campaign was shut down, but didn't elaborate on why.

"We removed this content earlier today and refunded donors," the representative said.

GoFundMe has shut down campaigns in the past supporting people convicted of crimes.

Jones told TMZ that he is furious, saying, "It breaks my heart to see Jason [Mason's grandson] now suffering from the same prejudices, hate, discrimination and deliberate lies that his grandfather endured for 48 years."

He also told the outlet he was moving his campaign over to PayPal.

Manson died at 8:13 p.m. on Nov. 20 at the age of 83 due to natural causes.

The murderer was sentenced to death after being found guilty for ordering nine murders in a 1971 ruling in the California Supreme Court.


After his sentence was changed to "life in prison with the possibility of parole," he was denied parole 12 times.

If no one claims Manson's body within 10 days of his death, he will be cremated.