Ghislaine Maxwell's Lawyers Claim She Hadn't Contacted Jeffrey Epstein in Over a Decade, Request $5 Million Bail

While Ghislaine Maxwell may have been tied to Jeffrey Epstein, her lawyers are claiming that she hasn't had any contact with him in over a decade. Maxwell was recently arrested and charged in connection to Epstein's alleged crimes. However, now she's seeking release on a $5 million bail claiming she's the victim of a smear campaign by the press.

Her request was filed in the US District Court in Manhattan, New York, and "vigorously denies" all claims made against her, and that she was not hiding from authorities and is not considered to be a flight risk. She also claims she has not left the United States since Epstein's arrest in 2019. Maxwell was previously charged with sex-trafficking underage girls and has a longstanding history with Epstein.

Maxwell's lawyers are proposing she be released on a $5 million bail according to the Daily Mail. However, there is a separate lawsuit filed by one of Epstein's accusers that shows evidence of both Maxwell and Epstein emailing each other as recent as 2015. However, her lawyers claim she's become a victim by the media. "Epstein died in federal custody, and the media focus quickly shifted to our client — wrongly trying to substitute her for her Epstein — even though she'd had no contact with Epstein for more than a decade, had never been charged with a crime or been found liable in any civil litigation, and has always denied any allegations of claimed misconduct," Mark Cohen, her attorney wrote. "Sometimes the simplest point is the most critical one: Ghislaine Maxwell is not Jeffrey Epstein."

"Ever since Epstein's arrest, Ms. Maxwell has been at the center of a crushing onslaught of press articles, television specials, and social media posts pointing her in the most damning light possible and prejudging her guilt. The sheer volume of media reporting mentioning Ms. Maxwell is staggering. She has seen helicopters flying over her home and reporters hiding in bushes," he added. Her claim also mentions that she's at a higher risk of COVID-19 if she continues to stay in the Brooklyn jail.

Since her arrest, royal family member Prince Andrew is allegedly worried that she may bring his name into the situation. However, a friend of Maxwell firmly agrees that he has nothing to worry about since Maxwell credits him heavily for launching her into the high society world. However, Andrew seems to be hiding out at the moment and has only been seen once since her arrest.