Fake Prince George Instagram Account Slammed for Inappropriate Joke

Not everyone is amused with writer Gary Janetti's parody Prince George Instagram account. Janetti's social media profile is dedicated to the 4-year-old prince, who is known for his photogenic nature, and pairs the photos with lighthearted captions.

(Photo: Instagram / @garyjanetti)

The parody Instagram page has over 400,000 followers and gained a lot of attention after Janetti posted photos from the royal wedding. But some followers feel the posts' captions in George's voice cross a line.

(Photo: Instagram / @garyjanetti)

In a few of the photos, in which George can be seen holding hands with fellow page boy Jasper Dyer, the caption implies that George is gay. For example, one photo is captioned, "Grandma, have you met my boyfriend?" Another is a photo of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with George and Jasper, captioned, "We're next!" Another shows the two boys holding hands with the caption, "I know we said we wouldn't label this but who do I introduce you as?"

(Photo: Instagram / @garyjanetti)

Some took to the posts to comment that they were "sexualizing" children.

"Kids don't need sexualizing. PERIOD!" someone said.

(Photo: Instagram / @garyjanetti)

"Stop trying to make this kid gay, please," another person said.

(Photo: Instagram / @garyjanetti)

"You are sick," one person said to Janetti. "Disgusting."

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 11.02.00 AM
(Photo: Instagram / @garyjanetti)

"This is not funny. Shame on you," another said.

(Photo: Instagram / @garyjanetti)

One person took to Twitter to write that it's "weird and creepy" for the photos to be captioned in such a way.

Others, still, defended the posts, and called out those who said Janetti was "sexualizing" Prince George, wondering if they'd say the same had he been holding hands with one of the bridesmaids instead.

"People complaining about this kid being 'sexualized' yet, if he were holding a girl's hand, straight people would be the first to go: LOOK AT THE LITTLE WOMANIZER. HE'S GONNA GET ALL THE GIRLS.... If you have a problem with this, then it's YOUR problem," someone said.

(Photo: Instagram / @garyjanetti)

"Would you really be bothered if he were holding a little girl's hand and the caption was introducing her to his great grandma as his girlfriend?" someone else said.

(Photo: Instagram / @garyjanetti)

Janetti, who is married to celebrity stylist Brad Goreski, has previously parodied other celebrities, but has most recently been posting solely as Prince George. Janetti has written for Family Guy and was the executive producer of Will & Grace. He recently wrote the sitcom Vicious for British TV.