Facebook Sued for Age Discrimination After Allegedly Mocking 50-Year-Old

Facebook is under fire for allegedly discriminating against a former employee because of his age.

Gary Glouner, 50, worked for Facebook for two years and is suing them for the numerous ageist jokes and criticisms he faced while with the company, as TMZ reports.

Glouner says he was the butt of many jokes about his age and was always made to feel like he was too old to belong at the social media giant.

Mark Zuckerberg himself allegedly told employees, "Young people are just smarter." Human resource representatives also allegedly included information about how employees over 50 have a lower energy in the workplace.

Three more specific remarks by employees that are included in the suit are: "Old people shouldn't be working at Facebook; they just don't relate," "Old people are just creepy" and "Old people don't belong at Facebook."

Glouner also says younger employees' birthdays and other landmarks were celebrated with cake and celebrations. He was never given the same treatment because his supervisor allegedly thought highlighting his age would be embarrassing.

Facebook has yet to comment on the lawsuit.




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